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League Archives

Welcome to the dusty shelves of the league archives. In here you will find information for each year we have played the league. While it is primarily provided for your enjoyment, and to maintain league integrity, it can also be a helpful tool to examine certain players draft tendencies, as well as how positional scoring has averaged through the years.

For each year you will find the following information: 

  • General summery of the season

  • All scoring statistics for that year (if available)

  • All Weekly Reports for that year (if available)

  • Draft Information

  • All players, and team records for the year

  • Pro-Bowl roster

  • Trade Information (if available)

Please take a moment to peruse these pages. If you can think of any suggestions toward making this a more interesting and useful link, please send me an email.




* Church of the Oblongball is a reserved domain name for the
purpose of a private fantasy football league. All information found
on this site is intended only to provide information to the twelve
members of the league. This league is for entertainment only.