2013 Fantasy Football Team



Player: Roman

Division: Yankee

League Credits: 1
(2013 season)

City: Athens, Ohio

Home Stadium: The Romestead

Challenge Flags: 2

League Member: 20 years (1993 - 2013)

Draft (Powerball): # 5

Championships: 1; (2013)

Division Titles: 1; (1993)

Quarterbacks Team Wide Receivers Team
Andrew Luck Colts Torrey Smith Ravens
Case Keenum Texans James Jones Packers
    Marvin Jones Bengals
    Emmanuel Sanders Steelers
  A.J. Green Bengals
Halfbacks Team Kickers Team
Frank Gore 49ers Stephen Gostkowski Patriots
Adrian Peterson Vikings David Akers Lions
    Defensive Linemen Team
    Julius Peppers Bears
Greg Hardy Panthers
Fullback Team
Henry Hynoski Giants Linebackers Team
    Derrick Johnson Chiefs
    Robert Mathis Colts
Tight Ends Team
Fred Davis Redskins Defensive Secondary Team
Dallas Clark Ravens T.J. Ward Browns
    Patrick Peterson Cardinals
Offensive Line Defense/Special Teams
 Redskins Patriots

Trades Left: 1

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