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2012 Season Archive

The 2012 season brought a bit of nostalgia to the table as the Church of the Oblong Ball officially turned 20 years old. While it was not possible to gather for a blowout gala to celebrate, the spirit of the league was very much alive and well. For such a benchmark year, the season itself was a pretty straightforward affair.

As always, draft day is what tends to set the tone for the season. With a bit of good luck, a last minute gathering was arranged at a hotel in Cary, North Carolina. This brought the Rebel division out in force for a lively draft, representing a strong voice from south of the Mason-Dixon line. That said, it was a Yankee team, The P-Town Punkrockers, to take the first pick, Matthew Stafford.

The league commissioner is always tinkering with the rules to try and find the most optimal game experience. In 2012, only a minor tweak was observed. Since the fullback position is always a bit uncertain during training camp, it was decided to draft the fullback team. Later, after training camp concludes, the individual starter from each drafter team would be assigned accordingly. Not too exciting, but it help to manage the integrity of the game.

On to the play on the field. The Spanish Fly Inquisition was on a mission (from God?), at least so it seemed. They tore through the Rebel division like a runaway train. Everyone expected them to hoist the trophy in January, but The Marietta Malice came to spoil the party. For the second time, in their ten short years in the league, the Malice enjoyed life from the top of the hill.

2012 Season Awards:

  • Superbowl Winner:

                     Josh Brown

  • League MVP: Tom Brady
  • Offensive Player of the Year: Tom Brady
  • Defensive Player of the Year: Daryl Washington

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