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2010 Season Archive

In 2010 the league office moved to California and for the first time, there was a real threat of the Church of the Oblongball collapsing from outside forces. With the great support of world-class team owners, we found a way to persevere, "and the rest is history." And that's what this league is all about: creating historic seasons--and 2010 fits neatly on that shelf. 

Due to the new challenges of proximity, draft day returned to the Skype conference call. Never a preferred option, but it gets the job done. Some of the Yankee teams gathered together for the fun. One of these teams, The Fightin' Plankton, started off the draft by selecting, WR Greg Jennings. Alas, in just a few short months, the Plankton needed more than Jennings as they felt short of making the playoffs.

The league rules are always evolving and some interesting twists were added in 2010. First, the addition of the "Wildcat" formation, where you can substitute your QB for an extra HB. Season trades were increased to five, at the expense of unlimited preseason trades (unfortunately, the trade log has been lost for this season). Finally, the FB position was bolstered by gaining one point for every 100 yards of team rushing. The Wildcat play caused much discussion during the year.

The William Tecumseh Sherman Memorial Football Team entered the season as the reigning champ, and it quickly became clear they had no intention of giving it up. They dominated the Yankee division, leaving no hope for any other team. The Armadillos came out on top of the Rebel division, but had their Superbowl dreams crushed by the Spanish Fly Inquisition in Week 16. No matter, The William Tecumseh Memorial Football Team was the team of destiny, once again.

2010 Season Awards:

  • Superbowl Winner:

                     Jonathan Hunt

  • League MVP: Tom Brady
  • Offensive Player of the Year: Tom Brady
  • Defensive Player of the Year: Ray Lewis

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