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2007 Season Archive

The year began with a black cloud of uncertainty. With the league office now firmly planted overseas, it did not seem possible that the Church of the Oblongball would survive into its 15th season. Thanks to steadfast spirit of the team owners, the league officials were convinced to keep up the necessary operations to ensure the Church of the Oblongball will live on.

The draft day party was no longer possible due to the extreme proximity challenge. Thus, it was necessary to lean on technology to maintain the live interactive feeling that is so critical for a successful draft. Thanks to Skype, active participation was up to 80%, a benchmark to some regard. All that said, the party was missed greatly, and hopefully someday it will return.

The season itself, was met with the loud and glorious return of the historic Quebman family to the league. Sadly, due ultimately to a communication breakdown, the champion caliber Liquor Legion was forced out of the league in favor of the Gripers, who had patiently waited four years for their chance to return.

Following in theme to the 2006 season, the Superbowl winner was not one that could have been predicted going into the playoffs. The William Tecumseh Sherman Memorial Football Team started the season in the division cellar, but some clever trades and smart management pulled the team from the bottom to the top. They did not, however, claim the title without controversy. Shortly after the Superbowl there was a media storm about the integrity of the referees. After further investigation, the title was taken from the Spanish Fly Inquisition, who had already begun to pop the champagne, and was bestowed correctly upon the W.T.S Memorial Football Team.

2007 Season Awards:

  • Superbowl Winner:

                     Jonathon Hunt
  • League MVP: Tom Brady
  • Offensive Player of the Year: Tom Brady
  • Defensive Player of the Year:
    DeMeco Ryans


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