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2006 Season Archive

A year of surprises indeed! The league home office moves to Germany and two teams, who came out of nowhere, wind up in the Superbowl. 2006 delivered nothing the imagination could begin to create. The story is now a somewhat chipped and dusty but we find, once again, that in the Church of the Oblongball anything is possible.

It all started with an unusual draft, most of the reliable old school characters were present, and we even had a special fly in from Mr. Rochon, proud owner of the P-Town Punkrockers. But, as always, there remained lame-ass characters who did not make the effort at all. Well, perhaps it does not matter, however, there is nothing better than looking your foe in the eye and challenging them with all the bravado that beer and pre-season pride can muster.

The season itself was quite interesting. The 2005 Superbowl champions, The Cleveland Hamsterhiders, continued to roll through the Rebel division without hitting any speed bumps. The Yankee division was met with a bit more intrigue as The Marietta Malice started slowly, but picked up steam mid-season and won the division title without question. But winning the division title does not guarantee post season success.

With both of the divisional title winners were knocked out in the playoffs, making the Superbowl match up a complete surprise. Two teams who have shown grit through patience in prior seasons ultimately met in the big dance. The Gravel Pit Gnawlers, thanks to the heroics of Tiki Barber, easily overcame the Fightin' Plankton to claim their second title.

2006 Season Awards:

  • Superbowl Winner:

                     Michael St. John
  • League MVP: LaDainian Tomlinson
  • Offensive Player of the Year: LaDainian Tomlinson
  • Defensive Player of the Year:
    London Fletcher


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