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2002 Season Archive

The 2002 season was almost a carbon copy of the prior year, with the same cast of characters, and the same set of rules. While most of the play remained competitive, some members failed to keep up with their weekly play calling, prompting the addtion of the "Rob" rule at the end of the season. This new rule penalized players for not getting thier picks in on time. Another unfortunate development, regarding a very late entry fee payment, resulted in the expulsion of both Rob and Aaron from the league.

In spite of all the negatives, the season was really quite fun. It looked like Bam Bam was the clear favorite to win going into the playoffs as he dominated the league in the regular season. Much to his surprise, a late season surge by Burnt Weeny Sandwich put Becky into the Superbowl vs. a banged up Fightin Plankton Team. Of course, you should never underestimate a Fightin Plankton team; Chris Aubell went on to win his second Church of the Oblongball Trophy.

Fortunately, I have all the information from this 'historic' season. If you are the curious type, then I hope you will find the links provided to the left to be an interesting foray into the 2002 season

2002 Season Awards:

  • Superbowl Winner:

                     Chris Aubell
  • League MVP: Priest Holmes
  • Offensive Player of the Year: Priest Holmes
  • Defensive Player of the Year: Derrick Brooks


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