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2001 Season Archive

The 2001 season flowed smoothly from the prior season with little conceptual change. With a solid rule system in place it was time to focus on football and not on 'tweaking'.

Unfortunately, this also marked the end of the Hostile Amish era as Andrew decided to drop out of the league. Carl was able to pick up the pieces and establish the P-Town Punkrockers as a new member to the league. Also, K.C. decided to call it quits leaving Becky to manage the team on her own.

On the field, it was clear that Tad was on a mission. His Steeltown Dicksmokers dominated the league to finish with a 11-3 season record. His success carried into the playoffs where he was able to soundly beat Chris's Fightin' Plankton to win the trophy.


2001 Season Awards:

  • Superbowl Winner:                  
    Thaddeus Semsel
  • League MVP: Jeff Garcia
  • Offensive Player of the Year: Jeff Garcia
  • Defensive Player of the Year: Kwamie Lassiter


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