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1998 Season Archive

Every year the league has slowly evolved, and in 1998 the idea of multiple defensive players by position was introduced; it also marks the first time the commissioner of the league won a Superbowl. While it still saw the usual turnover in team ownership, the concept of the league was really beginning to take hold.

The league remained at twelve teams, but some teams did change ownership. The happy return of the Hostile Amish came as R.T. left town and relinquished control of his team. Pam decided running a football team was not her thing so she gave the team to Dave in Texas. Darren and Peggi needed to let there teams go as well. This opened the door for Ty, and Doug to join the league.

The season itself was met with the typical peaks and valleys. K.C., and her Disciples of Rubin Kincaid, had a record dreadful year by finishing 0 and 14. Perhaps the most prominent legend that comes from this season is the "half point curse" that has plagued Roman ever since he lost to Benjamin in the Superbowl by that amount. This was one of the closet Superbowl finishes ever (every vote was recounted - no hanging chad's allowed); after all was said and done Benjamin finally got his name on the trophy.


1998 Season Awards:

  • Superbowl Winner:

                       Benjamin Repp
  • League MVP: Terrell Davis
  • Offensive Player of the Year: Terrell Davis
  • Defensive Player of the Year: Zach Thomas


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