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1995 Season Archive

1995 saw little in the way of rule changes, but a fair amount of transition among league players. The concept of the 'injured reserve list' was dropped due to its clumsy implementation. The league was still only eight members at the time, but three of the 1994 members decided to move on.

Becky assumed control of her old team back from Rey, and K.C. took over Rob's 1994 team. Tim joined the league by claiming the team that Kevin abandoned. Rey, and Kevin have long since moved on to other and endeavors.

During the course of the season Becky's Banjo Boys, led by the outstanding play of Emmitt Smith, dominated the league; finishing with the top record of 11 - 3. That said, she met with a bitter misfortune by losing to household rival Ben in the playoffs. Ultimately, Andrew's Hostile Amish came together for a strong performance Superbowl week, and knocked off Ben's Pittsboro Pitbulls to claim victory.


1995 Season Awards:

  • Superbowl Winner:
  • League MVP: Emmitt Smith
  • Offensive Player of the Year: Emmitt Smith
  • Defensive Player of the Year: Junior Seau


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