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1993 Season Archive

1993 was the founding year of the Church of the Oblong Ball. We were all just getting used to the concept of the game, little did we know it would become a life-time addiction. The rules were a bit unique during the first year; no defensive players were chosen, but we did select a head coach. If the coach's team won, then an extra point was added to the final score. This idea was somewhat clumsy and later abandoned. The most interesting to note is the old NFL players that were on our rosters that no longer play the game.

In this first season Tad edged out Rob to win the North Division, and Roman easily won the South Division. In the playoffs, however, Rob overcame Tad with the help of his kicker Jason Hanson, and went on to face Roman in the Superbowl. Then again, riding the strong kicking leg of Jason Hanson, Rob was able to soundly beat Roman to claim the first rights to fantasy football glory, and thus he was the first name to be etched on the coveted trophy.

1993 Season Awards:

  • Superbowl Winner:                  
    Rob Quebman
  • League MVP: Steve Young


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